Q30 Television

The Morning After: 4/24/17

TMA heads out to the Quad as Brooke Reilly and Ryan Ansel host and discuss the WQAQ Rap Battle, Earth Day, and more!

Kelly Ledwith has the Entertainment Report.

John Welsh previews this summer’s theatrical releases.

Michael Delgado talks trivia with students in the student center.

Ariel Sabo reviews Freeform’s new show, Famous in Love.

Shanna McCarriston stops by to see if Brooke and Ryan can identify celebrity baby pictures.


Executive Producers: Michael Delgado, Kelly Ledwith
Associate Producers: Steph Morelle, Shanna McCarriston, John Welsh
Director: Michael Delgado
Floor Director: Kelly Ledwith
Teleprompter: Alex Taglieri
Audio: John Welsh
Camera: Steph Morelle

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