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Hamden’s Best Ice Cream Shops

by Kerry Golden

Although the weather is getting colder, the best part of the summer doesn’t has to stop. What do I mean? Getting ice cream of course!

If you go to Quinnipiac University and you are looking for a good spot to get some good ice cream, look no further. There are two great options just around the corner.

The first, my personal favorite, is Wentworth’s Homemade Ice Cream. Wentworth’s is located on Whitney Avenue about two minutes from the Quinnipiac campus. The shop is small but has plenty of outdoor seating ranging from benches to picnic tables to a gazebo.

The shop offers a variety of flavors from just plain vanilla to cookie monster. I personally get the mint chocolate chip ice cream with marshmallow topping and rainbow sprinkles. The ice cream is very flavorful and creamy, to a point where the flavor stays in your mouth long after you are all done. Wentworth’s is a great place to take your family as there is plenty of outdoor seating, which brings the family vibes.

The other place to check out is Ashley’s Ice Cream. Ashley’s is a chain ice cream shop, as opposed to Wentworth’s which is not. If you are looking for one close to Quinnipiac, you can head over to Dixwell Avenue or stop by their location in New Haven. Ashley’s does not have outdoor seating, but with fall coming up it works out nicely.

When I went, I decided to get the same exact order as I would get at Wentworth’s. So up to the counter I went to get my mint chocolate chip with marshmallow topping with rainbow sprinkles.


After taking some bites, I felt that Ashley’s ice cream was very sweet- so sweet that I could only eat about five bites until I was full. I also thought the sprinkles were not very flavorful and were hard to chew.

Which ice cream shop do Quinnipiac students prefer? One shop won by a landslide.

The favorite is Wentworth’s, but both places offer delicious treats that will transport you back to summer even in the depths of winter. No matter which shop you decide to visit, both places offer a variety of flavors and toppings that are sure to please your sweet tooth.

Know any other places for Quinnipiac students to satisfy their ice cream cravings? Tweets us at @Q30Entertain.

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