Organization Creates Petition Supporting The Return of Helen Dong To SGA

It has been three weeks since Helen Dong was removed from Student Government Association (SGA). Since then there have been a number of changes both in and out of the organization.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association have created a petition asking for justice for Helen Dong.

In the petition, they state that the impeachment committee created to investigate Dong’s actions during the International Business dinner left out crucial details from their report.

The organization asks that SGA issue an apology and reinstate the former sophomore class representative. As of 4:21 PM the petition had 404 signatures.

The SGA constitution previously stated that anyone who was impeached could not run again. However, they recently amended it to anyone who was removed from office cannot run again.

SGA released a statement on Monday saying they would be reaching out to those who had drafted the petition to ‘further clarify the discrepancies.’

Even though nothing has been set in motion yet, Dong said she would be willing to get back on SGA if the student body wanted her to.

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