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String of car thefts throughout Connecticut affects Quinnipiac students

Photo Courtesy: Hamden Police Department Photo Courtesy: Hamden Police Department

By: Brenna Oricoli

*Edit: As of January 20, 2018, a name has been removed from the story due to privacy concerns.
Two Quinnipiac students have had their vehicles stolen in the last three weeks.

35 vehicles have been reported stolen in Hamden, Connecticut since the beginning of November, according to Crime Reports.

A Quinnipiac junior* had his 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee stolen out of the driveway of his off campus house on Sleeping Giant Drive in Hamden. On Thursday, November 16 around midnight, the man left his keys within his vehicle.

“I was shocked, just shocked, when I walked outside and saw that my car was not in the driveway the next morning,” said the student*. “I knew that there was no way that someone in my house drove my car.”

The man and his housemates believe that the person who stole his car had been to his house multiple times before. One member of his house heard people outside several nights prior but figured it was most likely people in the neighborhood making noise. His car was later found in Bridgeport with minimal amounts of damage.

Looking back, he says he wishes that he was made more aware of the situation at hand. In terms of advice for other Hamden residents, he said, “Make sure your car and house are locked.”

In another local town in Connecticut, Quinnipiac senior, Frank Zumbo had his 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo stolen from the parking lot of the LA Fitness Center in Trumbull on Friday, Nov. 24 around 4:45 p.m.

The LA Fitness Center is located within the Westfield Mall in Trumbull, Connecticut. Zumbo put his keys into his gym bag in an unlocked locker while he completed his work out.

“After finishing up my workout, I went to the men’s locker room to grab my gym bag,” said Zumbo. “It was a matter of moments before realizing that I couldn’t find my car keys.”

After checking his bag a few more times, Zumbo realized that his keys had disappeared. When Zumbo neared the parking lot, he realized that his car was gone. Zumbo filed a report to the Trumbull Police Department and his car was found several miles away.

“One lesson I learned from my situation is to never leave anything of personal value in unfamiliar spaces, especially things such as your car keys, or else you’ll learn the hard way like me.” said Zumbo.

The Hamden Police Department did not comment in time for the posting of this article.

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