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Major changes to SGA as semester comes to a close

SGA voted in sophomore Austin Calvo as the vice president for student experience after Tatyana Youssef stepped down on November 29th.

SGA went into executive session, where only members of the organization and their advisors are allowed to be in the room. During this time, the members who were interested in the position of vice president for student experience were asked to step out and then come in individually, give a speech and answer some questions from the members.

Calvo was a sophomore representative and also served as the organization’s secretary. SGA will be voting on a new secretary and hosting special elections for the sophomore class cabinet to take Calvo’s seat.

They will also be holding a special election for a senior representative seat after Ali Munshi stepped down during the Wednesday meeting.

It has been a challenging semester for the organization after the two impeachment processes and the removal of Helen Dong from student government.

They are now dealing with a petition from the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. The petition seeks an apology from SGA as well as the reinstatement of Dong.

During the meeting, Victoria Johnson, vice president for public relations, mentioned that the organization had responded, clarifying the allegations in the petition privately. However, the body is still discussing whether or not they are going to release the contents of the letter to the rest of the student population.

With the end of the semester less than a week away, some members voiced concerns about a lack of transparency between those on the executive board and the general body.

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