Q30 Newscast: 12/6/17

Brooke Reilly and Matt Halpin host this week’s episode of the Q30 Newscast.

This week we cover the installation of the traffic cameras on the busiest intersections in Hamden. With finals less than a week away, find out what changes residence halls and the fitness center are making for the week ahead.

A lot has been happening across the nation. From the new tax bill to the failed implosion in Oklahoma, Sarah Russell has all the information you need to know.

Chris Dacey has the latest weather report on what students should expect in the final week of the semester.

Everyone’s talking about the royal wedding and we’re no different. Krista Dillane has all that and more celebrity news in the entertainment report.

Winter sports are in full swing. MJ Baird tells us the latest sports updates from the hockey and basketball teams.

The Q30 Newscast has got you covered.

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