Q30 Television

About Q30 Television

Q30 Television is the official student-run television station of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. Q30 aims to bring clear, concise and correct content to those affiliated with the university and the local Hamden/New Haven area in an efficient and timely manner.

Our station currently features five episodes of programming:

#THAT: An interactive social media-based entertainment program that identifies trending topics and features interesting businesses and events in the Hamden community.

Executive producers: Kayla Hevey and Danielle Yostpille

Q30 Newscast: The staple hard news program of Q30 Television. The news team gives a look at current events on the local, national and global scale.

Executive producers: Beverly Wakiaga and Jenelle Cadigan

Bobcat Breakdown: A conversational roundtable presented by the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network. This program discusses all the happenings in Quinnipiac Bobcats sports action and features interviews with athletes and coaches.

Executive producers: Bryan Schwartz and Shane Dennehy

Sports Paws: Winner of the 2017 Pinnacle Award for “Best TV Sportscast,” this show is Q30’s sports highlight program. The show takes a look at the week that was in Quinnipiac athletic and boasts feature pieces and analyst segments to accompany.

Executive producers: Chris Dacey and Matt Halpin

Quinnipiac Tonight: Third place winner of the 2017 Pinnacle Award for “Best Entertainment Program.” This show is filmed in front of a live audience every other Thursday night. The show has a typical late-night style with short comedic segments and special guests. Get ready for laughs with improv segments, live music, sketches and more.

Executive Producers: Daniel Wuest and Derick Rivas

Executive Board: General Manager – Brenna Oricoli, Vice President – Kyle Levasseur, Production Manager – Joel Vanner, Business Manager – Matt Mazar, Marketing Manager – Paul Caracciolo, Head Engineer – Brendan Brooks, Secretary – Brooke Reilly

Board of Directors: Entertainment Director – Alex Taglieri, Sports Director – MJ Baird, Web Director – Cullen Ronan

Those interested in joining Q30 Television must be a student at Quinnipiac University and enrolled in either the undergraduate or graduate program. Regardless of the major, all are welcome!

To request further information regarding Q30 Television or to voice a comment or concern, please email Q30Television@gmail.com.