Q30 Television

Alumni Page

Taylor Popielarz
Reporter | Spectrum News

Graduation Year: 2015

Past Q30 Positions: Executive Producer, Lead Reporter and Anchor for the "Q30 Newscast"

Professional Experience: Capitol Hill/Washington Reporter (Spectrum News) | Multimedia Journalist (ABC57 News)

"I can confidently say I would not be where I am today if I wasn't a member of Q30."

Jenelle Cadigan
Producer | WMUR News 9

Graduation Year: 2018

Past Q30 Positions: Associate and Executive Producer for the "Q30 Newscast"

Professional Experience: WCVB Technical Intern | Producer (WMUR News 9)

"Q30 enhanced my learning and gave me a space to further my education after classroom hours. It also taught me to be proud of my work and love what I do."

Neliana Ferraro
Producer, Reporter | WCAX-TV

Graduation Year: 2016

Past Q30 Positions: Q30 Entertainment Director

Professional Experience: Producer at WPTZ-TV | Producer, Reporter at WCAX-TV

"Q30 helped me understand the value of working as a team to get things done. This is especially important when trying to bridge the gap between production and news departments."


Sarah Chasse (Violette)
Associate Producer | Ask This Old House on PBS

Graduation Year: 2014

Past Q30 Positions: Associate and Executive Producer of "The Morning After" | Q30 Vice President

Professional Experience: Intern at The Dr. Oz Show | Intern at WCVB-TV Chronicle | Associate Producer for Ask This Old House on PBS

"Q30 members get more hands-on experience than at other schools, so I entered the workforce feeling very prepared for the jobs I've had to do since."

Sarah Rose Faidell
News Desk Producer | CNN International

Graduation Year: 2015

Past Q30 Positions: Reporter, Anchor and Associate Producer for  the "Q30 Newscast"

Professional Experience: Assignment Desk Editor (KOIN 6)| International Desk Researcher (CNN) | News Desk Producer (CNN International)

"Working as an associate producer my senior year and taking on a leadership role within the organization was a 'light-bulb' moment for me - and I've been producing ever since."

Mark Spillane
Sports Anchor | KY3-TV

Graduation Year: 2015

Past Q30 Positions: Associate and Executive Producer for "Sports Paws" | Q30 Sports Director | Q30 Vice President

Professional Experience: Broadcast Associate for MLB.com | Associate Producer for MLB Network/NHL Network | Sports Anchor/Reporter (WJFW-TV)| Weekend Sports Anchor (KY3-TV)

"Q30 taught me how to work under pressure, how to work with a team, how to be a leader and how to be personally accountable for my own responsibilities in a work environment."