Celebrities react to the Capitol riots


Courtesy: MSNBC

Gabby Brailovskiy, Associate Producer #THAT

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, history was made. Chaos unfolded in the United States Capitol as many Trump supporters broke in and began to riot as lawmakers were held inside recounting the Electoral College votes in order to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s win. The riot resulted in four deaths and 52 arrests. The events that unfolded that day were nothing like Congress had ever seen before and now will continue to serve as a reminder of the place our country was in at the end of President Trump’s term. Many stars took to social media to speak about the riot and the rage they had for what went on. 

Dwayne Wade took to Twitter to express his disbelief in regards to the riots and the difference in how white individuals were treated that day. In his post, he wrote: “Black people get pulled over and don’t make it out alive. We can’t sleep in our own beds without being killed. We can’t jog without being killed. We can’t walk down the street with our hoodies up without being killed but they can do this???”

Demi Lovato also shared her thoughts on the riot through Twitter, expressing how heartbroken and shocked she was that this was our America. Lovato wrote: “My heart is broken. It makes me to sad to believe how naive I was to think this couldn’t possibly happen, and yet it did. Here we are. For everyone in my comments saying “where’s d7” or wanting me to sing instead of speaking up about what needs to change in this country…”

Sacha Baron Cohen reached out to several social media CEO’s pleading for them to ban President Trump on their platforms. Cohen wrote: “Hey Mark Zuckerberg, @jack, @susanwojcicki, @sundarpichai— Donald Trump just incited a violent attack on American democracy. Is that FINALLY enough for you to act?! It’s time to ban Donald Trump from your platforms once and for all!”

Late-night talk show hosts took a break from their usual entertainment segments to focus on the historic events of Jan. 6. Regina King spoke about her thoughts on the riots on Jimmy Kimmel Live! saying “You know, I tuned in to people with pitchforks and being escorted down the steps after protesting very calmly by police officers after they’d broken windows. Yeah, the Divided States of America.” Don Cheadle also spoke about the travesty that was our current country on The Tonight Show. Cheadle said: “This was something that could have been seen and predicted and was not something that just came out of the blue. It was foreseen and it was projected. The President had asked for it specifically, for his protests to show up and disrupt on this day.” The star also added, “We’re watching, unfortunately, a historical event that could have been predicted, I believe, and we’re watching it happen in real-time now. I’m glad I’m with my family, and we’re all sort of processing this together.”

Later that Wednesday members of Congress were able to reconvene to collect Electoral College results and prove once again, that President-elect Joe Biden had won the election. Since then President Trump’s Twitter account has also been permanently suspended. The riot holds a shameful and shocking message in our country’s history that has been widely noted throughout Hollywood and the entire world.