Holiday Hottie 2016


Ayah Galal

Quinnipiac students joined Q30 in the student center’s piazza to watch #THAT’s first annual holiday hottie male pageant Thursday night.

Our hosts Kayla Hevey and Paul Carracciolo introduced the five Q30 members that participated in the pageant.

The participants competed in a talent contest, christmas trivia, best dressed, and Q&A in an attempt to be 2016’s holiday hottie. Judges Brenna Oricoli, Chris Dacy, Sara Digiamo, and Drew Feinberg eliminated one contestant at the end of each round.

Patrick Pitts was the first contestant eliminated after the talent round. Judge Dacy said his talent was not “up to par” with the others.

John Franklin was the second contestant to be disappointed. He fell in last place in christmas trivia with only three points.

Joel Vanner was the next to be eliminated for his traditional approach in the best dressed round.

In the final round, Andrew Badillo and Kirby Paulson answered two different questions. Students made their final decision and tweeted their votes @q30entertain.

Congratulations to 2016’s holiday hottie, Kirby Paulson. Kirby won 78% of the popular vote. Special thanks to his first runner up Andrew Badillo, Joel Vanner, John Franklin, and Patrick Pitts for participating in the pageant.