Marvel Monday: Loki, Episode 6


Audrey Scafati and Mason Glod

Warning: Spoilers for Disney+’s Loki, Episode 6 “For All Time. Always.” ahead!


Renslayer leaves Mobius in search of free will and the creator of the TVA. Meanwhile, Loki and Sylvie enter the Citadel at the End of Time and meet “He Who Remains” (not explicitly spoken but widely accepted as a deviant of Kang the Conqueror). He Who Remains explains that he stopped a multiversal war between his variants using Alioth, and established the TVA to protect the sacred timeline. He tells Loki and Sylvie that they can either kill him and likely cause another multiversal war, or replace him as the protector of the sacred timeline. After a fight and a kiss between Loki and Sylvie, Sylvie sends Loki back to the TVA and kills He Who Remains, causing the creation of the multiverse. Back in the TVA, Loki tries to warn Mobius and B-15 but they do not recognize him. Loki discovers that the statue of the timekeepers has been replaced by a statue of a variant of He Who Remains (the statue likely representing the true Kang the Conqueror).

Thoughts on the season finale? Did it live up to the hype?

Mason: I thought this was a really great finale. I am so happy they went for it with the big reveal, and I really can’t wait to see what happens next. They answered questions and created many more. It was very effective.

Audrey: I loved the finale. I think it is the best finale out of all three of the new Marvel shows. It was exciting, it was emotional, it had me on the edge of my seat! I was so shocked when season 2 was revealed because I really just assumed this would be a single-series show, but I am so excited!

The episode revealed that a Kang the Conqueror variant played by Jonathan Majors was behind the TVA. What did you think of this reveal?

Mason: I am so happy they went for it and brought Jonathan Majors in. First of all, I thought he did a really great job and made a very compelling character. Everyone thought that the reveal would either be an evil Loki variant, or Kang the Conqueror. I think what they actually did was genius. They did not do an evil Loki variant (which I thought would have been lame), and they did not do the actual Kang the Conqueror. Instead, they teased the character and helped us understand his backstory. Now, I am so excited for his appearance in season two and Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Audrey: I don’t know much about Kang the Conqueror but I really liked his character and thought that the casting was very well done. You could just tell that he is an evil character by his nonchalant but maniacal and malicious intent. I am also so excited to see where his character goes, and I really loved the reveal of the TVA with the Kang statues instead of the timekeepers.

Thoughts on where Loki ended up at the end of the series?

Mason: Tom Hiddleston did an amazing job on this show. I think the most effective thing this show did was have a complete and clear character ark for Loki. The show starts with Loki trying to command five people in the desert, and ends with Loki telling Sylvie, “I don’t want a throne.” It was so well done and I am so impressed. I hope Tom Hiddleston sticks around playing Loki for a long time.

Audrey: I agree with Mason completely, Tom Hiddleston was phenomenal on this show. You can see the character development from New York 2012 Loki all the way to the season finale. Hiddleston is an amazing actor, and he could not have been a better pick for Loki. He has become a selfless person, and even considers Mobius a “friend.” I really am excited to see more of what Loki has to offer.

Loki and Sylvie finally kissed. Did it work?

Mason: I’m still not really sure. I think they did a good job developing their relationship, but the more I think about it it is weird. It was a good scene overall, but I cannot decide if it shows that Loki is capable of loving someone else, or if he is only capable of loving himself.

Audrey: I was all for Loki and Sylvie, then they kissed and it just felt wrong. I decided that I like the idea of them being a best friend power duo rather than a couple. I also liked the scene, it made sense with what was going on and Sylvie did what she thought was right. But the kiss and “Loki and Sylvie” romance does not work in my opinion.

Instead of a post-credits scene, the show revealed that Loki will return for season two. What did you think of this reveal and what are your predictions for a second season?

Mason: I was a little upset that there was not an actual post-credits scene, but this reveal was pretty amazing! I am so excited for season two and I feel the show warrants it. I think that Loki’s main priority will be finding Sylvie, and I think that Kang’s presence is really going to be felt. I hope that somehow Mobius gets his memory back because his developing relationship with Loki was one of the best parts of this season. I am also very curious as to where Renslayer went! The only thing that worries me is that Kate Herron, the director of all six episodes, recently announced that she will not be returning for season two. I hope the show can still succeed without her, as I felt her direction was very strong.

Audrey: I really liked the reveal. I think that the show is setting itself up for a great season two. The second season is going to be action-packed right off the bat from beginning to end. I agree with Mason that Loki’s number one priority will be finding Sylvie then getting down to the bottom of the whole Kang the Conqueror and multiple timelines business. I have high hopes because this has been my favorite Marvel show so far, but I am nervous about Kate Herron not returning. I loved her directing style and the fact that she was an executive producer and won’t be returning is worrisome. I hope that her leaving isn’t the downfall of the show because it has truly been great this far. 

Thoughts on how this will connect and have a butterfly effect on the rest of the MCU?

Audrey: The effects of Loki will be very visible in a lot of the MCU’s future. I believe that this is how Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield will be introduced into the new Spiderman movie with Tom Holland with multiple timelines. And in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we will definitely see the effects. I am not sure of though if they will see Kang the Conqueror or the TVA in some way. 

Mason: I agree with Audrey- this is huge! Sylvie just ripped open the universe, and it will have huge ramifications to the MCU’s future. Like Audrey though, I am really curious as to how the TVA will be incorporated. Their existence is crucial to the multiverse story, so I do not think the movies can ignore them! My only worry is that already, the multiverse story in the MCU is getting very complicated. Many fans have expressed confusion over some of the reveals in this episode, and I hope Kevin Fiege and company can make sure that this amazing content is easily accessible to audiences.