Marvel Mondays: Loki, Episode 1


Audrey Scafati and Mason Glod

Warning: spoilers for Loki Episode One: “Glorious Purpose” ahead!


The episode starts with the scene from Avengers: Endgame where 2012 Loki (Tom Hiddleston) from The Avengers uses the tesseract to escape from New York City. Loki is captured by the Time Variance Authority, an organization that protects the one “sacred timeline”. Loki is charged with crimes against the “sacred timeline”, but a TVA worker named Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) takes Loki to a room to try and understand him better. After trying to escape, realizing the power of the TVA, and watching the rest of his life play out, Loki decides to help Agent Mobius and the TVA. The episode ends with Agent Mobius revealing that he is hunting an alternate version of Loki.

What are your overall thoughts on the first episode?

Audrey: I absolutely loved the first episode! It was a great start and introduced interesting new characters and a plotline that feels different than anything else we have ever seen in Marvel before. 

Mason: I also loved this episode! I think it is the best first episode of any of the Marvel Disney+ shows so far. It feels fresh, new, and exciting. There was a drawer of infinity stones! What’s not to like?

What are your thoughts on the TVA? Do you trust them?

Audrey: I am not sure if I trust the TVA but as of right now I do trust Owen Wilson’s character, Mobius.

Mason: I do not trust the TVA at all. I don’t believe that the “time keepers” are good guys or even exist at all! There have been some theories that the “time keepers” are actually just Kang the Conqueror or Kang and his deviants, and I could see that too. I also don’t think there is one single timeline! I think the TVA is just a group of people that pick and choose what they want in the timeline or not.

Courtesy: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki – Fandom

What are your thoughts on Mobius?

Audrey: I feel like he is a good guy and has good intentions with whatever he wants to do with Loki. He gives me the vibe as someone who may be the “odd man out” at the TVA and has different plans or morals than the rest of the people who work for the TVA. 

Mason: I like Mobius a lot too. While I think the TVA is evil, I think Mobius is a good guy. Also, Owen Wilson is awesome!

Kevin Feige has promised the show will have real consequences in the MCU, where do you think we will see that play out?

Audrey: I see it playing out in two potential areas. Just because the whole show is about time, I think that Dr. Strange and the Ancient One could be involved since they are the two with the time stone. Somewhere else I think it could potentially play out is with Steve and how he decided to go back in time to be with Peggy. When the Avengers are brought up, Loki is told that they were meant to mess with the timeline. Steve is not mentioned, and I honestly don’t think that he was meant to go back and be with Peggy. I don’t think that will be a central part of the show but I do think that it may be mentioned at the TVA. 

Mason: The show mentions “multiverse”, “madness”, and “nexus event” in the same sentence. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness coming out next year featuring Wanda Maximoff as a nexus being, this show has to play into that! Additionally, as I mentioned, there has been much speculation that Kang the Conqueror is involved in this show somehow. He appears next in Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2023.

What, if any, criticism do you have of the show so far?

Mason: I loved the episode so much! My only worry is that this episode was mainly exposition and the main story does not seem to have started yet (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had the same problem with its first episode). While the exposition was necessary and great, I hope the story gets started fast next week.

Where do you see the story going next?

Audrey: I think we will see some great character development from Loki, and him learning the ins and outs of the TVA. We saw Loki have a moment of realization that the infinity stones are worthless at the TVA, which shows just how powerful the TVA is. I’m thinking there could also be a mini-plot where Loki tries to take control of the TVA somehow.

Mason: I think that we are going to be exploring one if not multiple Loki deviants going forward. I want to learn more about the TVA and I want to keep exploring this fascinating world they have set up. It’s going to be complicated, crazy, and so fun!

Any final thoughts about the first episode?

Audrey: I think it’s important to know that Kate Herron is directing all six episodes as well as executive producing. She has worked as director for the Netflix original “Sex Education” and has been considered “a huge comedy voice in the years to come” by Sky Comedy. I think that her comedy background and no previous involvement in any Marvel project will bring a new charm and feel to the show! Also, Tom Hiddleston is an executive producer for the show. I think that Hiddleston’s influence on the show and years of playing the character Loki will also add to the charm and new and exciting feel that the show will bring!

Mason: I think they have just done such a great job of setting up the world. There are rumors of a second season already, and I already think it is a good idea. There is so much they could do with Loki, Mobius, and the TVA.


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