Marvel Mondays: Loki, Episode 5


Audrey Scafati and Mason Glod

Warning: Spoilers for Disney+’s Loki, Episode 5 “Journey Into Mystery” ahead!


Loki wakes up after being pruned in a time void, where everything pruned by the TVA goes to be destroyed by Alioth, a big smoke monster. He wakes up surrounded by four other Loki’s (one being a literal alligator), and they take him to their bunker where they hide from Alioth. After our Loki leaves, he sees that there are many more Loki’s, one that looks identical to him, who is running for president. All of the Loki variants get into a huge fight, and our Loki makes it out. Sylvie and Renslayer are at the TVA, and Renslayer attempts to trap Sylvie once more but instead, Sylvie prunes herself with the hopes of ending up with Loki. Sylvie finds Mobius, and eventually finds Loki, and they make a plan to enchant Alioth to get through him and find out who is behind the TVA.

Thoughts on this episode?

Audrey: I thought that this episode was great! All of the Loki variants were so funny and it was really cool to see the difference and similarities in all of them. The development of the Sylvie and Loki relationship is also interesting and I am excited to see where that ends up, and it was also nice to see Loki call Mobius his friend.

Mason: I thought this was a great episode! It was awesome to explore the other Loki variants and I think they have set up a very good finale. The characters and world of this show are so perfectly established and likable.

Thoughts on all of the Loki’s?

Audrey: They were great! Clearly, they were all playing Loki, but they all had their own special spin on the character! From an acting perspective, that must have been really fun. My personal favorite Loki (who isn’t Tom Hiddleston) is the kid Loki who casually says he killed Thor.

Mason: I loved them all. I really liked President Loki; Tom Hiddleston was definitely having fun in that role. I thought the alligator Loki was so much fun. But I want to give a special shoutout to Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki. His character arc and acting were extremely impressive.

Will Renslayer continue to back the TVA?

Audrey: I think that she will continue to be a bad guy and stick with the TVA. I have a small theory that Sylvie will be able to show Renslayer what her life was before the TVA and that will change Renslayer’s perspective and make her want to fight to end the TVA.

Mason: I definitely don’t trust her. I think her team up with Miss Minutes is a good sign that she will back the TVA. I think she wants to know who is running it so that she can become their ally.

Are Loki and Sylvie going to have a happy ending?

Audrey: I want to say yes. I know the whole Marvel fan base is very divided when it comes to Loki and Sylvie’s relationship, but I think that it would be nice if the two ended up together. Seeing them in this episode interact and both sorts of realizing that they have never cared for another person who isn’t themselves was sweet. But I also think that it’s possible that the two don’t end up together and they get satisfying endings elsewhere.

Mason: I do not think Sylvie is making it out of this show alive. They have clearly established a great connection between Loki and her, so I think she has to die. I don’t really see a future for her in the MCU besides in Loki season two as well. If she does survive, I hope Loki and her end up together.

Where do we think Mobius will end up at the end of the show?

Audrey: I really want our last shot of Mobius to be him on a Jet Ski. That would be the most perfect ending for him. Right now in the show, I think he will work with B15 to somewhat take down some TVA agents, but his story will end happily on a Jet Ski.

Mason: If Mobius doesn’t get his Jet Ski by the end of this show, I will be angry. I am very interested to see what he does at the TVA next episode. I am hoping he sticks around for a while, either in other MCU projects or in Loki season two. I just really hope they don’t kill him.

Who is running the TVA?

Audrey: Everything is pointing to Kang the Conqueror from the comics. While this is the theory with the most potential, I really like the idea of Dr. Strange being tied into this somehow (even though I know that it’s highly unlikely). 

Mason: I agree with Audrey, I am really thinking it is Kang the Conqueror. All signs point to him, and he has already been cast. However, Marvel fans were infamously wrong about the Myphisto theory in Wandavision, so I am worried we may be wrong here too. Part of me thinks that it might be an evil Loki variant, but I think that would be too easy. I hope it’s Kang, but if it’s not, I want it to be interesting and unexpected. Maybe Mordo from Doctor Strange? Maybe Wanda? Who knows!

Anything else to add before the final episode?

Audrey: I have very high hopes for the final episode! Everything feels perfectly set up for a great finale and I hope that the finale does not get too rushed or crammed into one episode like WandaVision. I thought that the editing in this episode was fantastic along with the directing. The CGI never fails to amaze me. I am really looking forward to the final episode!

Mason: I am so excited for the next episode, but I am also so nervous. A lot is riding on this TVA reveal, and so far the Marvel Disney+ shows have not had a great track record with their finales. I am staying optimistic though! My favorite thing about this episode was all the easter eggs; I spotted Throg (frog Thor), Yellowjacket’s helmet, and my favorite, the Thanos helicopter!