Oscar nominations shamed for #OscarSoWhite for fourth year in a row


Taylor Sniffen, Executive Producer of Quinnipiac Tonight

On Jan. 13, the Oscar nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards were released and like in previous years, people are unhappy.

The main complaint from audiences this year is the usual: the best director category is all men, and the films nominated for best overall film are mainly about white men. Since 2016 the twitter hashtag #OscarSoWhite has been a trend in order to bring attention to the fact the Oscars does not nominate a diverse group of people.

Still, there are some films that managed to break the status quo at this year’s ceremony. One is the film “Little Women,” by female director Greta Gerwig, which Is nominated for a best overall film but not best director. The other is “Parasite,” by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho.

After the nominees were announced tweets started flooding in. Most people showed their frustration when it came to all the amazing movies made about people of color by people of color that failed to receive nominations for any awards. and yet almost none of them received nominations. Meanwhile, films like “Joker” and “Two Popes” — both centered around white men — received numerous nominations this year.

Roxana Hadadi, an Iranian-American pop culture writer, said the following in a strongly worded tweet.  

Congrats to the Academy for once again taking an incredibly interesting year of movies made by women and people of color and WOC and shoving everything aside for some real boring ass s**t!” Hadadi’s tweet read. “Joker, Two Popes, and Bombshell? The Farewell and Hustlers totally shut out? #OscarSoWhite

Another tweet made by CNN highlights the one very simple phrase actress Issa Rae said while announcing the all-male best director nominees.

“’Congratulations to those men.’ With just four words, Issa Rae struck a nerve on Monday while announcing the best director nominations for the 92nd Oscars.”

Many people are using social media to state that until some serious changes are made, women and people of color should boycott announcing at the Oscars until they are included in the nominations.

One woman on twitter said “Don’t be the help anymore if you’re excluded from the house #OscarSoWhite.”

At this rate, most people have given up hope that the very few people of color and women centric films like “Harriet” and “Little Women” could ever win the main awards of the night. What’s most disappointing is that while looking at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards for evidence, their collapse in faith is justified.

Hollywood — and especially the academy — have been facing the same issue for years, and people are becoming sick of only being able to express their frustration every year on social media. They want real change to happen.

Nate Whitaker, and aspiring writer and director, expressed his feelings about the issue on twitter.

“How many more #OscarSoWhite or upsets over the Golden Globe nominations are we going to have before we actually create something for ourselves!! We have the power and we are great enough!!!,” the tweet read.