Quinnipiac Tonight: S6 E3

Quinnipiac Tonight is back with its third episode featuring Tyler Main and Dustin Moffre from WQAQ 98.1! In this radio station themed episode Tyler teaches the cast how to use Tinder and discover how ugly radio hosts faces are.  Find out which who will win the long-running feud between Skaters and Scooters, and get an inside look on a day in the life of a dog owner on campus.

Fall is finally here and our cast members Sean and Johnny answer some sticky questions to see who will get apple cider poured on them. See how a new type of pumpkin spice birth control is used on campus and how students turn a Tator Hall classroom into a bumper car showdown. Finally, we see this week’s newest hot goss featuring our new hosts Shane Joseph and Alyssa Murphy! All this and more in episode three of Quinnipiac Tonight.

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