#THAT: 10/14/19


It is a Student Programming Board take over this week on #THAT with Taylor Sniffen and Tyler McNeill in the chairs! They start out talking about Mental Health Awareness Week, National Adopt A Dog Day and more. We also give you the recap of the past weekends on campus Fall Fest.

After a short commercial break, we review the new Joker movie and test out how well our hosts really know their own events. Gabby Brailovisky is also in the high chair for this week’s Highs and Lows.

In a brand new set up, Cat Donomoyer joins our hosts for the week’s Hollywood News Update. She gives us the rundown of Jersey Shore drama and the new collab between YouTubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Starr.

Coming back, some of our members celebrate National Vegetarian month by answering all your burning questions and our hosts interview Liam Devlin, star of new Fourth Wall Theater production, Red Speedo.

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news!