#THAT Bachelor Breakdown: January 25, 2020

Caroline Torpey talks about episode 3 of Matt James’ season of the Bachelor on ABC.

The episode started off with a rose ceremony in which Matt sent home 5 women. However, the show moved quickly along with the week’s first group date. On the date, women had to read erotic pieces they wrote about Matt in front of an audience. What the women didn’t know is that the audience was made up of the girls who weren’t invited on the date. #Awkward

The date caused contestant Sarah Trott to become a bit insecure, and she ended up intruding on the rest of the date to speak with Matt about she’d been feeling.

Sarah Trott, a 24-year-old broadcast journalist from San Diego, California, was the star of this week’s episode. (Courtesy of ABC)

The girls who were invited on the date didn’t take the intrusion too well, and a majority ended up singling her out and treating her horribly. Someone to look out for is Victoria who led a lot of the bullying.

Victoria Larson, a 27-year-old contestant from Los Angeles, California who claims that her occupation is being a queen. (Courtesy of ABC)

A moment from the episode that stuck out was when contestant Katie Thurston sought out Sarah to make sure she knew that what the other girls were doing wasn’t right. She stuck up for Sarah, making her #BachelorNations’ new favorite contestant.

Katie Thurston, a 29-year-old bank marketing manager from Renton, Washington. (Courtesy of ABC)

In the end, Sarah decided to go home due to her father’s worsening medical condition and all the hate from the other contestants. Although she removed herself from the drama, there seems to be a lot more coming later in the season.

“The Bachelor” airs on ABC (WEWS Ch. 5) Mondays at 8 p.m. Episodes can be viewed the next day on-demand on ABC.com and Hulu.