#THAT: Not Your Average Dough

Mat Fortin, Associate Producer, #THAT

If you were like most kids, you probably remember your mother warning you against licking raw cookie dough off the spoon.

But at Doughlicious in New Haven, eating cookie dough is not only allowed– it’s what they specialize in.

The store opened just three weeks ago, and uses heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs to make cookie dough that’s safe– and delicious– to eat completely raw.

“It’s new to most people because there’s only a couple in Connecticut and probably less than 50 nationwide,” owner and manager Dan Dubuque said. “It’s a new concept. People are excited to try the product.”

And Doughlicious has quite a few of them– milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, truffles and cookie dough of every variety- chocolate chip, brownie, red velvet, Reese’s among several others.

“Probably the ‘brookie,’ which is a combination of the brownie and the chocolate chip, is the favorite,” Dubuque said. “But I’d say the one that sells the most is the original chocolate chip because that nostalgia people it just goes back to people eating it at their mom’s house.”

And just like at mom’s house, all the cookie dough at Doughlicious is 100 percent homemade.

“I make everything myself,” Dubuque explained. “Usually, mornings or late at night when the shop is closed. Nothing is ever in the case longer than a couple days so it’s all still fresh. Everything here.”

It may be long hours, but smiling faces and some of the store’s youngest customers make it all worthwhile.

“People are happy they’re coming in and get to eat cookie dough,” Dubuque said. “Kids too. It’s nice to interact with kids and they’re always just a lot of fun and it’s a great environment.”

He brought the second ever Doughlicious store to New Haven after falling in love with the idea while visiting their original location in Texas. 8 months later, and Dubuque was ready to launch Doughlicious at his State Street location.

Dubuque says that running a cookie dough store beats his old job- inspection subsidized apartment units any day of the week.

“Coming in every day and being able to see people that are smiling and happy and a lot more positive it makes the day go by quick,” he said. “It doesn’t even seem like a job.”

Doughlicious is open every day except for Mondays, and is located at 966 State Street. It does offer a 10 percent discount with a college I.D.