#THAT: The Royal Family, “Lord of the Rings”, and “Sweeney Todd”

This week on #THAT A.J. Gugliotta and Jack Muscatello take the desk discussing former film and television producer Harvey Weinstein’s updated conviction, Warner Bros announcement to make more “Lord of the Rings” films, King Charles coronation controversy, and Woody Harrelson’s controversial “Saturday Night Live” monologue. Mason Glod gives us an exclusive interview with Quinnipiac alumni Tyler Toledo and his experience getting a perm on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.

Alex Kendall talks about rapper, NF, and his newest single and music video. Michael Katz-Flynn delivers this week’s #What in the world? Talking about Nintendo’s absence from this year’s E3, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan of Sussex possible lawsuit with “South Park”, and Denmark police getting paid to play video games. Laine Dubin updates us on what reality series are coming to Netflix this year.

Emma Dinnan gives this week’s New York Minute highlighting Broadway news. She talks about the Antisemitic mob that surrounded the “Parade” premiere, the revival of “Sweeney Todd”, and the Jonas Brothers Broadway residency.

Marcus Ferreira talks about the new Kirby game and how it compares to previous versions. Hosts play a game of #Box Office Breakdown predicting which of their favorite movies did better at the box office. All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news.