The Bachelor season predictions

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Samantha Morales, Executive Producer of Quinnipiac Tonight

New year, new Bachelor! 

The  24th season of “The Bachelor” began with the popular “most dramatic season ever” trailer and dozens of airplane puns and windmill references. Thirty women met Peter Weber, who was a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season  of “The Bachelorette”, and as usual they very quickly complained that they have not had enough time with the Bachelor. It’s hard to depict who the winner could be on night one, but after watching the first two episodes, I have determined some predictions, so buckle up!

Bachelor Peter Weber and his 30 contestants. (Craig Sjodin/ABC)

First Impressions

Night one is one of my favorite episodes because of the extravagant and weird entrances made by the women. A cow, a windmill and a few flight attendants walk into the mansion and what do you get? Drama. I wasn’t shocked that there were three flight attendants because of course Peter is a pilot, so what could be a more perfect match? My favorite first impression was Jenna, a 22 year old nursing student from Illinois, who brought an emotional support cow named Ashley P. Honestly, when I first saw this my mouth dropped and I thought it was hysterical. Maybe next time I want to impress someone I should bring an emotional support cow?

Jenna brings along an emotional-support cow named Ashley P. (John Fleenor/ABC)

Top 3 Predictions

Here are some predictions I have about the top 3 finalists and the infamous Hannah Brown.

Kelley F.

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer

Kelley F. had a great first impression with Peter because well… they had already met in a previous encounter at a hotel in Los Angeles. Kelley was very upbeat and Peter seemed genuinely happy when he saw her come out of the limo. Peter keeps telling her he can’t stop thinking about her. I assume that’s not just about an inexplicable hallway swing dance they shared, which they think was so important that they reenact it. Literally. I think that Kelley will make it to the top 3 because of her flirtatious energy with Peter. However, this might start drama with the other women in the house since she has a slight advantage. 

Madison P.

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer

Madison gets thrown into the first one-on-one of the season and gets a lot more than she probably bargained for when Peter brings her to his parents’ vow renewals. This is definitely one of the most unique one-on-one dates I’ve seen on “The Bachelor” for sure. Madison puts on a brave face and gets through the night with a smile while catching the bouquet from Peter’s mom and getting hand-fed wedding cake. With this romantic start, I think Madison and Peter will be able to bond about their interests and make it to the top 3. 

Hannah Ann

Image: ABC/Maarten de Boer

There has been a lot of talk about Hannah Ann and it seems like she will be one of the most problematic women in the mansion. But, Hannah Ann could care less about what the others in the house think about her. Hannah Ann claimed Peter’s first impression rose and naturally, she is everyone’s first pick to win the whole show. However, with this “villain” character created by fans I’m not sure if she will win Peter’s heart for sure. I have a feeling there might be a problem when it comes closer to the end that will make Hannah not win, and I’m not sure what the problem may be yet. However, at this moment Peter seems to be very interested in her, especially when she gave him a painting she and her dad made of the Smoky Mountains with some weird flowers, which Peter calls “very exciting”. Hannah Ann definitely has a very god chance at winning, but I don’t believe everything she says. 

Hannah Brown won’t actually participate in this season.

Image: Eric McCandless/Getty Images

I know the first episode made it look like Hannah was coming back for good, but I suspect that won’t actually happen. Since the season was filmed during “Dancing With the Stars (“DWTS”), I think it would’ve been really hard to do both things at once. She also won “DWTS,” so I’m not sure how she would have time for both. Unless she is tricking us all and in the end Peter and Hannah actually end up together in some crazy way, which if that does happen I might explode. But time will tell as the season goes on!

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