The Morning After: 4/14/14


Thomas Albanese

Andrew Bouchahine and Elaina DeAngelis host this week’s episode of “The Morning After.” They discuss how their weekends went and have some updated news from some cool stories from around the country.

Sara Pizzuto has this week’s weather forecast.

Kelly Ledwith has some more news from the world of entertainment.

Kim Fears has her weekly odd news segment.

Steph Prestamo gets everyone into the Easter mindset by decorating some easter eggs with some interesting styles and designs.

Tom Valerio has some more of his corny jokes.

A member of the Quinnipiac Film Society, Lisa Copland talks about the “Quinines” which is coming up on May 3.

Kara Yenacco presents her college pet peeves and Anthony DeCandia has the trivia question of this week.

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