The Real From Rell: A review of “Edge of Tomorrow”


Tyrell Walden-Martin

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios

Written by Tyrell Walden-Martin

Who used to not like Tom Cruise as an actor? This guy, that’s who. I never really bought into Tom Cruise as that great of an actor or action star. I never fully fell in love with the Mission Impossible movies. He just wasn’t that appealing to me. Well guess who just gained a new fan after getting to watch Edge of Tomorrow? Tom Cruise come on down! After seeing Edge of Tomorrow, it instantly became my favorite movie that was released this past summer. And yes that is including X-Men: Days of Future Past and Transformers: Age of Extinction. The main reason why Edge of Tomorrow beat out these other two movies was simply because the entire movie I was on my edge of my seat (no pun intended). Sometimes mutant and giant robot civil wars can get quite boring. Once in a while you just need that classic alien invasion movie. But there is nothing typical about Edge of Tomorrow. Allow me to explain.

When the movie begins, the audience is thrown a couple years into the future and is informed that for the previous five years, Earth has been at war with a race of aliens called the Mimics and has recently been overrun by them in Europe. In comes Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), as he flies to meet the head of humanity’s United States defense force (Brendan Gleeson). He then orders Cruise to join the front lines and fight to defend one of the last posts that Europe has. Cruise then attempts to blackmail Gleeson and is placed under arrest. As he tries to escape, he gets knocked unconscious. Following their adventure from beginning to end will keep you interested, 100% guaranteed.

What makes this movie epic is that it makes you think. The war is a chess match between humans and aliens to see who can outsmart the other with time travel. Basically if you don’t understand the rules of time travel then you will love this movie. Trust me on that because I had to watch the film multiple times to attempt to fully grasp the concept of time travel.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios

Cruise plays his role very well, going from a desk secretary for the army transforming into a robot-weapon-suit-wearing trained alien killer. Watching the film helped me truly appreciate the acting genius that Cruise possesses. Watching also made me kick myself for wasting twenty years of my life not growing on his movies.

In the end, if you are a big Sci-Fi fan or Tom Cruise fanatic then I would highly advise you to go watch Edge of Tomorrow. Edge of Tomorrow has recently hit DVD and Blu-Ray shelves in local stores. My advice to you is do not get caught up in trying to figure out the possible time travel flaws and calculations. Just kick back and enjoy a great movie.

While you guys watch Tom Cruise as he “Lives, Dies, and Repeats”, I’ll be purchasing every Tom Cruise movie and live, binge-watch, and repeat.