Q30 Television

Stream your event LIVE on Q30

Are you a student organization who wants to have their event be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and our web site so that the entire University community can watch it? 

Q30 Television offers live streaming services for student organizations. Q30 will only consider live stream requests for events that have been prior submitted AND approved by the University. Please see below for further information:

* Cost breakdown:

  • REQUIRED: Live stream hourly cost: $25/hr - no minimum or maximum number of hours
  • OPTIONAL: Show your live stream on our television outside of SC125 for the time you are live: additional $5/hr
    • Looking to advertise before your event live stream on our television? Contact our Marketing Director, Liz Flynn for marketing rates or select "YES" when prompted in the request form to be contacted.

* The live stream of your event will be on a Q30 department Facebook page, our YouTube and on our web site. NOTE: Facebook Live automatically creates a new stream after two hours (the other stream is not deleted, it is still available).

* Following your request, we will determine the appropriate Q30 department Facebook page to stream the event on (news, sports, or entertainment).

* Q30 Television will bring only the equipment necessary to operate our live stream. We will not provide technical support or tools for your event. All requests for technology should be sent through the tech help request form linked on MyQ under "IT & Libraries" > "Information Technology".

* The camera/method we use to live stream your event is based on the equipment available at the time of your event and the location of the event/its technical capabilities.

Requests for live stream services must be made two weeks prior to event date.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Chris Dacey, Vice President at chris.dacey@q30tv.com.

Q30 Television
Stream your event LIVE on Q30