Quinnipiac President John Lahey sparks controversy with May Weekend speech


Samantha Moore


Q30 News’ previous edit of this piece claimed alcohol was provided at the party. Neither the homeowners or WiGo supplied alcohol. Any alcohol provided at the party was by those who attended. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Quinnipiac University President John Lahey attended a May Weekend party Saturday, which included both those of legal drinking age and those who were under age.

The founders of the app WiGo, which allows students to find parties and events in the local area, had come to Quinnipiac University to celebrate May Weekend, a university-banned celebration that encourages drinking. President Lahey had banned the university-sponsored activities several years ago after deaths of two students.

Lahey had come to the celebration, which was hosted at a student-rented off-campus property.

The party had more than 400 participants on the app, which stated it was only for those who were above the legal drinking age. Underage students, as well as those above the age of 21, had checked into the event and then posted images on social media. The popular site Total Fraternity Move, known as TFM, had also come to the event to hand out merchandise.

“I outlawed May Weekend 15 years ago, but apparently the message hasn’t gotten out,” Lahey said in a video posted by WiGo. “And you guys are living proof that May Weekend still exists.”

“We have a university president who likes and understands young people,” Vice President for Public Affairs Lynn Bushnell said in a statement to NBC Connecticut. The university has declined additional comment at this time.

Video of Lahey’s speech at the party can be seen below: