A Ribbon-cutting ceremony kicks off opening for new eSports arena on York Hill


Katie Coen, Newscast: Associate Producer

Students, professors and faculty gathered on Quinnipiac University’s York Hill campus for the opening and ribbon cutting of the new eSports arena.

In the past, the eSports teams have practiced and competed in their own living spaces. Now, they have a place to call home.

Vice President of Club eSports Brooke Carlton helped design the new space with the club’s executive board assisting in picking out the hardware to be used in the lab. Carlton thinks being able to gather with her team in person can help them improve in their games.

​​“Being able to be with your team in person and be able to talk to them and strategize is game-changing,” Carlton said. “I think it will seriously help every team whether it’s Overwatch, Super Smash Brothers, League of Legends Valeant, whatever it is, I think this room is actually going to benefit us a ton.”

Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett spoke about what the eSports club team means to the campus community.

“We are diversifying what club sports means,” Ellet said. “It’s not only the athletic prowess, but it’s the intelligence prowess and the fastest and the agility prowess that you have on esports teams.”

Not only will the room be used as a recreational space, but classes will be held in this lab starting in the spring semester. The College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Computing and Engineering will utilize this technology with their students, according to the Director of Campus Life for Recreation Mike Medina.

​​“It’s going to be all-encompassing for the students, particularly those in the academic game design program, anyone who is in cyber security or computer science, it is going to be an academic lab for them but also a place where you can have a great experience as a student,” Medina said.

With the room now open to all Quinnipiac students, Carlton says all are welcome to play esports.

“Even if you are just a little bit interested, give it a try,” Carlton said. “Get up there and start playing. It’s life-changing, trust me.”