An abused dog finds its forever home

Photo courtesy:

Kailee Heffler

Last month, on Aug. 13, Hamden Animal Control responded to a report of an abandoned dog. The abandoned dog was a Yorkshire terrier and was reported to be about three-years-old. A citizen had advised Animal Control Officer, Christopher Smith, that a small dog had been tied to the exterior of a building at 670 Dixwell Ave.

The dog endured medical injuries and could not sit. It was clear the dog was in pain, as the dog was later discovered to be suffering from a serious skin condition and had infections in both ears. Parts of each of those ears needed to be amputated. In order to provide care for the dog, the dog was transported to the North Haven Animal hospital.

Since the police found the dog, they are happy to report the Yorkshire has made a full recovery. The dog has also found a new home.

Sgt. Anthony Diaz also advises the public to report any abused animal situations to police.

“Any residents see an abused animal, they should contact the police and or animal control officers and report it immediately,” Diaz said. “They can remain anonymous.”

The case is still open, and no arrests have been made yet.

The story of the abandoned Yorkshire terrier hits home for the Quinnipiac community.

Back in August, the Dean of the School of Communications, Chris Roush, lost his dog to the wilderness after she slipped through her collar.

Four days after she got lost in the Sleeping Giant State Park, fellow Quinnipiac faculty, professor Laurie Grace and assistant dean Danielle Reinhart, found Sadie.

When Grace and Reinhart found Sadie, she was stuck in a hole and dehydrated.

Hamden Firefighters arrived on the scene and retrieved Sadie safely.

Dean Roush was grateful for the help from the Hamden community.