Changes to come for Quinnipiac residents starting next fall

Matthew Bruin

Last week, Quinnipiac University announced changes regarding parking and laundry for on-campus residents starting next fall.

In an email from Quinnipiac’s Vice President and Dean of Students Monique Drucker, students were told that anyone living in Quinnipiac housing next year will have free laundry.

“I think it’s great that they are doing free laundry next year,” sophomore, Timothy Flynn, said. “I know I hate having to spend my money on it, or my parent’s money, so it’s going to make it a lot easier.”

Laundry currently costs students $1.50 to use each machine, totaling $3.00 to complete one load.

“I feel like this is a real benefit for the university,” said SGA Vice President Sophia Marshall. “Being consciously aware of the fact that you have to put $1.50 or $3 is really frustrating as a student because we pay so much to go here.”

The email also said that juniors and seniors who live on the York Hill Campus will enjoy premium parking on both the York Hill and Mount Carmel Campuses next year.

The new parking pass for juniors and seniors will allow York Hill residents to park in Eastview, Westview, North Lot, Hogan and Hilltop parking lots.

“As a junior living on campus next year, I am really happy they made it to where if you live on York Hill, you can park anywhere on campus,” sophomore, Anthony Palladino, said. “I think it’s going to make it a lot easier to get to classes and show up on time for classes.”

Although these parking updates are going to benefit York Hill residents, some commuter students are not happy.

“Sometimes I’m spending 10 minutes finding a parking spot,” junior, Danny Dalton, said. “I just think York residents parking there isn’t the best solution because it is already congested as is.”

Drucker said in the email that she is pleased to offer these new amenities and thanked the Student Government Association for advocating for these changes.