Class of 2020 and 2021 commencement ceremonies to be held in-person


Hannah Mirsky, Executive Producer

The class of 2020 and 2021 were informed on Wednesday, March 10, that they will walk to receive their diploma on the Quad and can bring two guests of their choice. This comes after the university made strides to improve the COVID-19 infection rates and the changes to the State of Connecticut’s guidelines.

The email announcement says only two guests are allowed at the in-person ceremony and any other guests can watch virtually through a livestream. For the in-person guests, masks are to be worn the entire time, social distance guidelines will be practiced and all attendees will complete a symptom checking test on the graduation day.

Sam Williams, a senior said her roommates and her celebrated when the news came out.

“My roommates and I were screaming and jumping up and down,” Williams said. “We were all very, very, very, excited because this is something we always wanted. We figured it would change, but we weren’t sure of how soon it would change.”

While many students were excited to hear the news, the news came as a shock to others.

“I was personally really shocked. I wasn’t expecting Quinnipiac to make this move at all frankly and if they were going to make this move, I think they did it a lot earlier than I was expecting,” Tyler McNeill, a senior student said.

Courtesy: Quinnipiac University

With graduation on Saturday, May 8, families will have to rearrange their schedules as the date falls in the middle of the week.

“A lot can happen between now and then. I understand why they did it because if people are coming from out of state, if they have a really long drive and need to fly, obviously accommodations are a really big thing,” McNeill said.

The excitement is not dying down for the seniors, but as they look forward for the special day, many still think about the underlying health risks.

“I think people are definitely going to be nervous because it’s a big amount of people in one place, but at this point a lot of people are vaccinated,” Williams said.

Despite the nerves, seniors are grateful to experience walking up to receive their diploma with their family present and outside in front of the Arnold Bernhard Library.

“A graduation on the Quad is something that will be amazing. Obviously weather permitting it will be amazing. Just to graduate in front of the library, in front of Arnie, it is something a lot of students are excited about including me,” McNeill said.

Faculty and staff are just as pleased to know students will be able to receive the proper graduation they worked hard for.

“We eagerly await the celebration of this unforgettable milestone with you and your families,” President Judy Olian said.

Seniors and their families can visit to be updated on additional information as graduation day moves closer.