COVID-19 and Quinnipiac FAQs


Brooke Reilly

Just like everyone around the world, the Quinnipiac community is filled with questions about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. 

As classes transition to online for the rest of the semester, beginning Wednesday, March 18, the university is allowing students to return to campus on Sunday, March 22. However, there are still many unanswered questions at the moment. 

All athletic events have been cancelled by the NCAA for the remainder of the semester, but students are left wondering if big events, such as QTHON, formals, commencement ceremonies and more will also be cancelled. Although it does not answer all of these questions, Quinnipiac’s FAQ page answers some of these questions.

According to the website, a task force team has been created to develop a plan in response to COVID-19.

“While there is no single industry best practice, the plan adopted by QU has been advised by a university-wide task force that includes medical experts and emergency planning personnel who are considering the best balance of medical prevention and business/educational continuity. The plan will continue to evolve and change as we track unfolding developments and the most current health reports.”

The university believes that moving classes online will help prevent the spread of the virus.

“The university continues to manage rapidly changing developments associated with the coronavirus with a focus on the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff, and supporting students’ academic completion of the Spring 2020 semester.”

Despite students being allowed to move back onto campus on March 22, classes will continue to be taught online. It also gives students and their families the flexibility of deciding whether or not they want to go back to campus.

The university has also suspended all large gatherings of 100 people or more as a practice of social distancing.

Professors have contacted students about how online classes will work. 

Faculty will use BlackBoard, Office 365, Zoom and Techsmith as ways of teaching. 

Field studies are being addressed case by case. Health science and nursing students will continue their fieldwork and clinicals as long as the sites they are working at allow them. However, this will continue to be evaluated on a daily basis.

“Students must contact their department chair, program director or dean’s office for specific instructions. In the event that students are not able to continue with clinical practical experiences, their program leaders will work with them to personalize a plan.“

Each program will also manage its own laboratory experiences. 

Many internships have required students work remotely as well. The School of Communications is encouraging students to come up with plans with their supervisors on how they can still assist from home.

If students have books, laptops or other school materials that they need from campus to be able to complete their online coursework, they should contact Director of Residential Life Mark DeVilbiss. International students and others who may not be able to return home, should also contact DeVilbiss for assistance.

University offices remain open and employees are not required to work from home. However, Quinnipiac is in support of those who need to work from home. 

Beginning Sunday, March 15, the university is suspending all university-sponsored travel for the remainder of the semester. This includes research trips and conferences for both groups and individuals. Faculty and staff should contact airlines, hotels, etc., to notify them of their travel plans. Expectations may be approved by deans or department chairs.

Students studying abroad are encouraged to return to the United States. The university is requesting students self-isolate for 14 days once they return. All of Quinnipiac’s partner institutions are supporting online learning for the remainder of the semester. Although some internships are going remote, the QU in DC and QU in LA programs are being monitored.

Commencement will still take place as planned. 

“The university recognizes that some families of graduates may not be able to attend the ceremony personally, and Quinnipiac knows this will disappoint many students and their families. The university will continue its tradition of livestreaming the ceremony online, allowing viewers from all over the world to watch Quinnipiac’s Commencement ceremonies, remotely.”

The university is looking to implement translation capabilities; which would allow people from around the world to watch the ceremony. Seniors and their families are encouraged to monitor the commencement page for updates.

On-campus admitted students days will be held virtually. 

Admitted students day was originally scheduled for March 28-29. However, now there will be a virtual event held on a future date to assist admitted students. The admitted students and families will be able to hear from faculty, staff and students online to learn more about student life, residential life, academics and programs. 

“A student’s acceptance to Quinnipiac and the start of their college journey is a very exciting time for everyone. The university will communicate the details of these programs to all admitted students.”

No one from Quinnipiac has the coronavirus.

While no one in the Quinnipiac community has yet to test positive for COVID-19 or is in quarantine, the facilities department is cleaning and disinfecting all three campuses.

Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the university, and the Facilities Department is cleaning and wiping down common areas and surfaces throughout our campus buildings and residence halls, including doorknobs and countertops regularly.”

If a student feels sick they are asked to stay home. 

Housing Reimbursements?

It is still unknown if students will be reimbursed for housing, but many are hopeful that they will still be allowed to return on March 22.

President Olian wrote in her original email, that was sent on Tuesday, March 10, that she will send an update on Wednesday, March 18, at 4 p.m regarding housing and students returning to campus.

Updated March 14, 7:15 p.m.