Q30 Newscast: 09/23/2020

Skylar Haines and Hannah Mirsky are on the desk for the first newscast of the 2020-2021 school year.

The first coronavirus case at Quinnipiac University was reported recently. Skylar Haines spoke with students and university officials about the story.

Senior Medical Adviser Dr. David Hill responded to concerns brought up by parents and students about the ongoing virus situation.

National Voting Registration Day was on Tuesday, with student organizations, professors and university officials helping students register to vote. Jennifer Cuevas is at the scene with the details.

Christopher Longchamp is on the show to discuss the recent passing of a Supreme Court justice in the political news report.

Coronavirus deaths have reached a record high in recent days. Jennifer Cuevas returns with the national news update.

UNutrition has caught the attention of many Quinnipiac students in recent weeks. Kaye Paddyfote took a trip for a healthy drink to discover this new student sensation.