Q30 Newscast: 10/07/2020


With Melanie Careri and Steven Pappas at the desk, we look into the latest changes on campus. 

Matthew Jaroncyk updates us on Quinnipiac’s latest transition into yellow phase alert and Hephzibah Rajan spoke to the Admissions department to learn more about their strategies for the year.

Chairs were placed at the Capital in memory of those who died due to COVID-19. Katie Coen has more national updates for this week’s show.

Dorrie McDaniels informs us of how students have been handling living in quarantine and inside the isolation dorms.

For political news, Vanessa Blasi has updates on the vice-presidential elections and Trump being released from the hospital.

Maggie Smith discusses the passing away of Eddie Van Halen and briefs us on how the voting went wrong on the show, ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Lastly, some relaxing activities were held on the Quad for students during midterms week. Jennifer Cuevas joined a yoga session to meditate and destress.