Quinnipiac organizations bring voting accessibility to campus


Jennifer Cuevas, Associate Producer for Q30 News

Student organizations held a voter registration drive last Tuesday to encourage students to vote in the upcoming election. 

The drive took place on September 22 in accordance with National Voter Registration Day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Members of QU Political Science, Quinnipiac Democrats and Quinnipiac Republicans were present at the drive to help other students check their voter status and fill out registration forms to vote in Connecticut. 

Students gathered around the voting registration table

Adeline Cirikovic who is the Judicial Officer for the Quinnipiac College Republicans said the drive took place to stress the importance of voting because the presidential election is only weeks away. 

“The election is Nov. 3rd right around the corner and a lot of college kids, don’t exercise their right to vote and we’re out here making sure they take advantage of this opportunity,” said Cirikovic.

Cirikiovic also added students who live in the state nine out of twelve months are cleared to register to vote in CT and those who do not can change their voter registration, this way they will not miss out. 

Political Science major and member of Quinnipiac Democrats, Paul Cappuzzo believes it is a great effort on behalf of the university and Judy Olian’s administration to get students involved.

“Voting is a privilege in this country I think that we all need to take advantage of and I know registration is the number one issue when it comes to voting, if we can get students around Quinnipiac registered to vote it’s going to be a great success,” said Cappuzzo. 

Students who stopped by said the process took less than 5 minutes to complete. The three organizations are planning to set up one more voter drive before the presidential election.