Q30 News Online Exclusive 11/25/2020

In this Q30 News Online Exclusive, Kassidy Berger anchors from her hometown in Albany, NY with the latest on COVID-19 guidelines and what’s going on at Quinnipiac as the semester ends. 

Hannah Mirsky talks to some students who are facing canceled clinical experiences and are wondering what this means for their futures. 

With lots going on in national news, Vanessa Blasi brings us the top stories. 

International students went through a lot to get home for the holidays, and we have this story and more global updates. 

QTHON is going through drastic changes to plan a safe, in-person dance fundraiser for Spring.

While election polls come under fire across the world after a confusing election-week, Skylar Haines explores how the topic hits close to home for Bobcats.

As the formal transition begins on Capitol Hill, Luca Triant reports on what’s happening in the ongoing election drama. 

Sergio De La Espriella joins us to talk about when Quinnipiac hockey will be hitting the ice and the future of all winter sports during the pandemic. 

And Jennifer Cuevas takes us to a foodbank operation trying to make the holidays better for the many struggling.