Student Government Association looks to expand on successful events

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Student Government Association looks to expand on successful events

Nhung An

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The Student Government Association congratulated their members for the success of Pub Night and Ask Away events.

The Senior Cabinet reported on the student turnout for Pub Night with about 500 attendees and discussed their plan for the future.

“We’re hoping the students who came had fun,” said Senior Class Vice President, Allison Kuhn. “They know that we only want to improve the event from here.”

Kuhn told Q30 News that they are setting up a tailgate event before the Yale men’s ice hockey game. They are working to partner up with other student organizations for future events.

Ask Away happened Tuesday night, during the event anyone could ask any questions that were deemed “sensitive,” or “inappropriate,” outside of the space. Ask Away served as a way to provide them with answers to those kinds of questions.

Vice President for Student Experience, Austin Calvo, said that Ask Away was a success, especially in attendance. There were over 600 people signed in for the event.

“We got more kids coming to Ask Away than to free alcohol,” said Chief Justice, Jack Onofrio. “I mean, there is a lot more to Ask Away.”

As a result of the high attendance, Calvo said this event may turn into an ongoing series throughout the year.

Kuhn brought up the argument on the expense of nameplates at open forum. Throughout the year, SGA has been debating whether or not they should continue purchasing nameplates for their members.

In September, Kuhn said that the overall price of every member’s nameplates reached roughly $7,000. She said SGA should save this money to spend on other events or items instead. Some members argued that they needed the nameplates for whenever guests visit. They also said they needed to purchase the plates to not have a surplus of money in their account. This debate has been ongoing for weeks.

After a debate, Joe Iasso, senior senator, motioned to stop the expense of nameplates effective immediately. The motion was passed unanimously.