Students must complete COVID pre-tests to attend in-person classes


Jennifer Cuevas, Associate Producer for Q30 News

In an email sent out on August 31 by Quinnipiac University, it stated student I.D’s will now be scanned at the guard booth to ensure students have two negative COVID tests on file before driving onto campus. This new rule will be implemented starting September 7, as one of the university’s many efforts to monitor and contain the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Courtesy: ShutterStock

Students will be required to have a negative COVID test on file before entering campus. This will include the pre-arrival test that should have been taken at student’s homes and the retest students have to take when back on campus, according to the email.

The process is as follows, when students arrive at campus their I.D’s will be scanned by public safety officers. If the light shines red, that means the student does not have a negative test on file and will not be allowed on campus. Students will not be allowed on campus until completing the necessary testing, according to the email.

While the email may raise some questions among students, such as potential back-up in the parking lots and being late to class as a result, these protocols are placed to ensure classes can continue on-ground.

Associate Vice President for Public Relations, John Morgan said the university does not anticipate the scanning process to cause traffic backups because of the de-densifying of students on campus under the Q-Flex model.

As long as the student has their ID ready upon their arrival, the tapping process will take no longer to complete than showing a public safety officer your ID,” said Morgan.

Junior Diego Vidal, who is a nursing major believes it is “fair” that I.D’s be scanned before entering campus.

“I think that after all the effort that faculty and staff put into facilitating a physical return to campus, it’s only fair that cards be scanned as a precaution,” said Vidal.

Students who have not yet completed their mandatory COVID tests should contact [email protected] for more information about on-campus testing to be cleared for in-person activities.