Quinnipiac and Norwalk Community College sign transfer agreement


Luca Triant

Quinnipiac President Judy Olian has signed a seamless transfer agreement with Cheryl DeVonish, chief executive officer of Norwalk Community College.

The agreement covers transfers, honors, online and dual-enrollment students from Norwalk Community College to transfer to Quinnipiac University with a junior or a third-year student status. The agreement will take effect immediately.

“We are pleased to offer a pathway to an undergraduate degree for students of Norwalk Community College,” Olian said. “We are committed to easing the financial burden on these students to enable their seamless transfer from Norwalk to Quinnipiac, positioning the students for career success.”

The agreement mirrors another transfer agreement Quinnipiac signed over the summer, which allows students who graduated from Housatonic and Gateway community colleges to apply and enter the university.

Students who graduate from Norwalk Community College and satisfy Quinnipiac’s transfer admission requirements for the major they plan to attain can enter Quinnipiac as a third-year or junior student. Students who have graduated from NCC must also have a grade point average of at least 3.0 and an associates degree of arts or science.

“This agreement provides a valuable educational pathway for NCC students to continue their education to the bachelor’s level or beyond,” DeVonish said.

DeVonish also said the partnership between NCC and Quinnipiac is a way to help students save money on their tuition.

Students from NCC who do transfer may take one course per year, free of charge. Each student has the opportunity to do this three times during their time at Quinnipiac.