What Quinnipiac’s COVID-19 Testing Will Look Like


Quinnipiac University recently released a video with information about how the COVID-19 tests will be carried out during the semester, including directions to help the students. 

Each student should do the following before testing:

  1. When entering the testing center, students should wear their mask and maintain a six-feet distance from workers and any others who are waiting in line.
  2. Students should blow their nose thoroughly away from others and sanitize their hands.
  3. At the check-in station, the students should show the volunteer their Q-card or ID. The volunteer will require the student to verbally confirm whether the name, date of birth, university zip code and information on the barcode label are correct.


  1. Students will be given a premade collection kit with the following items in it: one wrapped anterior nasal swab and a collection tube, labeled with the student’s information and barcode.
  2. Students must open the kit only at the collection station in front of a staff member.
  3. When collecting your nasal swab sample, students should make sure not to touch the soft tip of the swab with their hands. 
  4. Open the collection tube and place the cap on the table with the clean side up. 
  5. Swirl the swab three times in a circular motion using the soft tip, first in one nostril, followed by the other.
  6. Once the student completes the above step, place the swab, soft tip facing downwards, into the collection tube and seal the container with the cap.
  7. Sanitize your hands and place the container tube into the box.

All students must be tested before they return to campus. Once they return to school, students will be tested again at a later date. Students will receive an email from CovidOnCapusTest with an assigned date and time to arrive at Burt Khan Court. 

Some students who were on campus earlier were tested for free. Orientation leaders were among those to pilot the test. 

Gina Greco is an orientation leader who took the test on campus prior to the start of orientation.

“At first, I was a little bit nervous, but once I got there, there were plenty of people to guide me through everything,” Greco said. “I was very comfortable with it.”

During the semester, the university will hold weekly testings. Students will receive an email from the same account, CovidOnCampusTest, with information about their test location and timings.

Test results are available within 24-48 hours. If any students show symptomatic behavior, Quinnipiac has the ability to do rapid testing. These test results are usually generated within one hour. Until the test results arrive, the student will be placed in a safe isolation space as per the CDC guidelines.

Should a student test positive for COVID-19 during the fall semester, “Residential students will remain in Quinnipiac’s designated isolation housing, or they will be able to go home, if they can do so safely.”

Associate Vice President for Public Relations, John Morgan, also added, “In isolation space, they will be monitored via telemedicine visits with Student Health Services.”

Meals will be provided to the students who are in isolation housing, in addition to that they will also have access to WiFi to stay connected with their classes and virtual activities.

“Student Health Services will determine when the necessary isolation or quarantine period is over based on current CDC guidelines,” Morgan said. 

More information about Quinnipiac’s plan for COVID testing can be found here.