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Town Hall 2020

The Student Government Association and Q30 Television moderate SGA's executive board elections town hall. Tune in to learn more about each each candidate’s experience on SGA and their plans for the future before the polls open.

Meet the Candidates


Sophia Marshall:


Vice President: 

Max Mallinen:

Caroline Mello:


Vice President for Student Experience: 

Nicholas Ciampanelli:

Jeremy Gustafson:

Katrina Manzari:


Vice President for Finance: 

Barbora Hriňáková:


Vice President for Public Relations: 

Jamien Jean-Baptiste:


Chief Justice

Matthew Forcino:

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Protect the Bobcat Bubble

Hephzibah Rajan, Associate Producer for Q30 Newscast

As in-person classes begin, the COVID-19 task force is working to ensure that the Quinnipiac community stays safe. Undergraduate and graduate student leaders came together to form a campaign, known as ‘Protect the Bobcat Bubble’, to ensure student’s safety on campus. “What we’re trying to do is tackle all the problems that we might run into before they happen.” Maria Mastropaolo,...

September 13, 2020

Quinnipiac Pledges to Take Anti-Racist Action on Campus

Skylar Haines, Associate Producer

It's been over a month since George Floyd was murdered, and people all across the world are still demanding action against racial injustice. Now, Quinnipiac University is joining the conversation. This comes after nationwide demands for more anti-racist educational institutions, and students are asking the question of how Quinnipiac fits into this. “I think it is no secret that the university, from an adm...

June 30, 2020

Sophia Marshall elected as 2020-2021 SGA president

Brooke Reilly, News Director

Follow @brooke1097 Sophia Marshall, class of 2021, was elected to the position of Student Government Association president on Tuesday, April 21 in the 2020-2021 SGA executive board election. “I'm blown away by the support that I've gotten not only this year, but just the past three, so it's crazy,” Marshall said. Marshall ran unopposed for this position receiving a total of 1,217 votes, or 94.26%. 74 students or 5.7...

April 22, 2020

2020-2021 Student Government Association executive board voted into office in unconventional election

April 21, 2020

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