Q30 Newscast: 10/30/19

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Q30 Newscast: 10/30/19

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Katie O’Keefe and Tom Krosnowski anchor this week’s Q30 Newscast.

A member of Student Government Association’s executive board resigned.

The owner of Roberto’s is retiring this spring and closing the Hamden-popular bar. Meanwhile, The Clubhouse on Whitney reopened on Wednesday after its liquor license was suspended in January. 

Plus, Kailee Heffler covers the latest with senior experience week with only 200 days before graduation.

Dean of the School of Communications, Chris Roush, invited Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune Magazine, for a talk on campus. 

An important White House official testified about President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president. Kassidy Berger is in studio for this week’s political news update.

Joe LoGrippo presents this week’s forecast and predicts heavy rain for Halloween.

The leader of ISIS is dead after a raid by U.S. forces on Sunday. Jack Main has this and more for this week’s national news.

Finally, find out the latest in Quinnipiac sports with an update from Ethan Logue.