Sports Paws: 09/06/21

Kylicia Smith, Executive Producer: Sports Paws

Sports Paws is back! This week Sports Paws’s former executive producers, Ethan Logue and Ryan Coope took the desk. They kicked off the show recapping some summer sports news highlights involving signings and the return of men’s basketball forward, Jacob Rigoni. Ethan and Ryan also dive into some men’s and women’s soccer news featuring some pre- and present season MAAC player awards. They were joined by Men’s Soccer Beat Reporter, Ben Kane to talk more about men’s soccer in depth.

After the break, it’s all about volleyball. Ethan and Ryan also talked about their recent invitational at Yale and the University of Rhode Island. Volleyball Beat Reporter’s, Eric Kerr and Gage Kilborne, made an appearance in the studio one way or another to dive deeper into the team and its play-making decisions.

Concluding the show, Ethan and Ryan finish off with Sports Paws’s infamous Top 5 Plays, going through the biggest plays that happened over the past weekend.