Quinnipiac, DATTCO look to move on from recent shuttle accidents

Four reported accidents have been reported over the past week, involving the Quinnipiac University shuttles. The first occurred when a York Hill shuttle and a car hit each other at the beginning of the university’s New Road entrance. Another accident took place in South Lot between a Westwoods shuttle and a car. The other two accidents reported occurred when a shuttle hit a pole with its real bumper at the Whitney Village apartment complex and then on New Road, right before the entrance toward South Lot.

After each of these accidents, it was clear that DATTCO Inc. needed to make some changes to how they run the shuttles on the campus.

“We have responded to these accidents, which thankfully have not resulted in any injuries to passengers, employees, or motorists,” said DATTCO’s Chief Operating Officer, Cliff Gibson. “On road inspections by our trained safety trainers have begun this past week and we will be retraining our drivers on winter driving techniques and winter precautions.”

The many snowstorms that left the university with not much room left to place all the snow is definitely one of the major blames to the shuttle drivers getting into these accidents.

And despite that, most Quinnipiac students aren’t too concerned about their safety on the shuttles through the latest issues.

“There wasn’t a lot of accidents when it was warm out, there never has been really, so I’m not too concerned cause I mean if they weren’t good drivers, then they wouldn’t get the job,” said sophomore Colton Hoffman.

After all they has occurred, DATTCO is very confident that it’s company will get over their recent “hump” of accidents and move on with no issues within it’s day-to-day operations.

“We are confident that our dedicated employees will take the necessary steps to overcome these most recent accidents, and DATTCO is confident that this recent spike has been corrected,” Gibson noted.

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