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The freshman guide to housing at Quinnipiac

Photo courtesy Quinnipiac Office of Residential Life

By: Kerry Golden

Moving from the comforts of your own room to a college dorm can be stressful for many students. Whether it is sharing a room, sharing a suite or just plain waiting your turn for the shower, residential life is a change that deviates greatly from the norm for most students. However, Quinnipiac University offers a wide variety of living arrangements that allows for students to choose the best possible fit for their personality, lifestyle and goals for success.

The exterior of Mountainview. Photo courtesy Quinnipiac Office of Residential Life

Freshman students have many options. If you travel to the far end of campus, you will find Mountainview, a co-ed 46 suite building for those that prefer sacrificing bedroom size for a common living area. Set up to house eight students, each suite has four bedrooms, a bathroom consisting of two sinks, showers, and bathroom stalls, as well as a shared storage area. In addition, Mountainview has kitchens on the second and third floors, two washers and dryers on each floor, and many common areas for students to gather outside their own suite.

Inside The Suites. Photo courtesy Quinnipiac Office of Residential Life

Similarly, Larson, Perloth and Troup, often referred to as The Suites, not only offer suites consisting of four bedrooms and a common living space, but also have a large mall-style area illuminated by skylights and decorated with palm trees. These two-story residences each house 19 suites and with each suite having its own bathroom. For freshman looking to make connections with a large group of students, Mountainview or The Suites are both good options.

Inside the quad style housing for Ledges. Photo courtesy Quinnipiac Office of Residential Life

Next to Mountianview you will find The Ledges. In contrast to suites, the rooms are much larger, with each room having four loft beds, closets and desks. Bathrooms are located on each hall and accommodate approximately 50 residents.

A look inside Commons. Photo courtesy Quinnipiac Office of Residential Life

Similar to Ledges, but at the opposite end of Bobcat Way, is Commons. Commons has many of the same features as Ledges while Commons providing the shortest walk to the Student Center and the Quad. Both residences have laundry and kitchen areas located throughout the buildings. The large hallways of both residence halls are conducive to meeting new friends and mingling with others.

Double style housing in Irma/Dana. Photo courtesy Quinnipiac Office of Residential Life

Finally, freshmen interested in a more traditional double style of living might want to consider Irmagarde Tator Hall or Dana English Hall. These large double rooms house two people with a common bathroom for every 30 residents. As with all other residences, kitchens and laundry areas are located in various areas throughout the buildings. The amount of room afforded by these doubles are the perfect fit for the student that does not ravel lightly.

All freshman housing is co-ed. However, suites, hallways and bathrooms are specifically assigned to a single sex and offer the same high level of security. Each residence hall has its own personality and style, each a reflection of the amazing students who live there. Regardless of where you end up, Quinnipiac University housing is sure to have a fit that is just right for you!

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