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Quinnipiac Adds New Drone Policy

By: Kerry Golden

The Quinnipiac University Office of Brand Strategy and Integrated Communications (BSIC) has issued a new policy on the way in which students and faculty can use drones on campus. The office says the policy was put into effect to ensure safety amongst people on the private property.

The main part of the new policy states that anyone who flies a drone on campus, with or without a camera, must have an FAA license and get prior approval from the University. If students, faculty or staff wish to fly a drone with a camera on campus for commercial purposes, they must get additional permissions from the University. Currently, two professors on the Quinnipiac campus have FAA licenses. Professor Kent Golden does drone demonstrations with the students at the university to try to prepare them for the certification exam.

“During that demo, we talk about the licensing process, which includes preparing for the FAA test and learning about airspace restrictions, weather patterns, safety protocols,” he says. “We also discuss some of the uses for drones in journalism, and how you might go about getting the best shots.”

Sophomore student Joseph Ruiz uses his drone to film for the Quinnipiac Athletics department.

“I do think they are taking the right path by doing this because last year I saw people just flying them over the quad with the quad full,” Ruiz says. “God forbid that gets too low and it’s out of your sight and you can’t see it, you can really really hurt somebody.”

Through the FAA testing, both students and faculty will get the proper training they need in order to ensure safety on the campus property.

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