Celebrity Big Brother: Season 3 Review


Source: Whatzz Trending

Elizabeth Ippolito

Created by John de Mol

Rating 6/10

Celebrity Big Brother has been around for years on the global platform. With all its success, CBS implemented an American version in the winter to satisfy Big Brother superfans across the country in 2018. 

The gameplay is the same as the original Big Brother, but let’s do a refresher. The game starts with 16 contestants entering the house, and the ultimate goal is to be the last house guest left. Every week all the house guests participate in the “head of household competition” which may involve a physical or mental challenge. Once the head of household is crowned, they nominate two houseguests for eviction. There then a secondary competition called the “power of veto” between the two nominees, the head of household, and three other random players. The power of veto gives the winner the ability to remove themselves from the nomination block or not use it. If a player is removed, another player must replace them. At the end of the week, each house guest, (besides the two nominees and the head of household) vote to evict and the player is eliminated.

The celebrity season moves at a much quicker pace than the traditional season to allow the celebs to get back to their busy schedules. This season included multiple big-name celebrities including Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate, Cynthia Bailey, Chris Kirkpatrick, and more.

This season topped the previous two by a mile. There was actual drama involved and solid gameplay all around. In the past, we’ve seen players sign on with no real knowledge of the game or how it works. There was a little bit of that in season three with  Lamar Odom and Chris Kattan. Despite making it to the final six, their lack of knowledge caused many uneventful scenes. 

However, UFC Mixed Martial Artist Miesha Tate and singer, dancer, and influencer Todrick Hall dominated the game. Tate won head of household four times, which is impressive for Celebrity Big Brother. Hall, on the other hand, had an impeccable social game. With the impressive game play between them, the game had more of a tyranny dynamic than a competitive dynamic; it seemed like Tate and Hall were constantly three steps ahead of every other player.

A great example of the drama of the season was when Tate was near eviction. Hall approached fellow player Carson Kressly and told him that his fellow alliance member, Shanna Moakler, was aligned with numerous other members in the house. This instilled fear in Kressly, and he shifted gears from targeting Tate to targeting Moakler, resulting in her eviction.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Celebrity Big Brother is the blow-ups between houseguests. After voting to evict Todd Bridges in week 1, Cynthia Bailey was always a target to Bridges. This created tensions and blow-ups between the two. Part of the appeal of Celebrity Big Brother is seeing just how cutthroat our favorite celebrities can be. 

Overall, Celebrity Big Brother was a treat for Big Brother fans this winter and bridges the gap before Big Brother 24 comes out this summer.