Exclusive Interview with John Franklin from “The Circle”

Isabella Foley

Netflix’s hit show,”The Circle”, just released its fourth season on May 4, 2022. Isabella Foley had the privilege of interviewing one of the stars of the show, John Franklin! He graduated from Quinnipiac in 2019 and was an active member of Q30 during his time at school. He is a social media content creator, standup comedian, musician, and now Netflix famous.

John shares about his involvement at Quinnipiac and how his opportunities at college pushed him to where he is now. He discusses how the clubs, professors, and community at QU propelled him into his career. John now works for a sports betting company, BetMGM, and shares how he landed the position. John’s college and professional aspirations carried him right into an audition for the show. His time on “The Circle” began shortly after he got his job! After a long process, he was flown out to England for filming.

“The Circle” is advertised as a social media competition show, so many contestants play as themselves or “catfishes”. John explains how “catfishing” as his mother affected his game and has impacted his family post-filming. He reveals behind-the-scenes details of the competition and how the relationships he made during filming have changed his life. John also shares some fan stories and how his success on the show has put him in the public eye, more than ever before.

The Netflix star announces what’s coming up for him: a standup comedy tour with a filmed special at Quinnipiac on September 1st and a new Instagram video series “Franklin Finds”. Keep up with him on social media on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter ,and YouTube!