If Season 3 of “Ted Lasso” Is Really the Last, Here are 5 Things I Want to See


Gabriella Madden

Way back in 2020, a delightful show about an American football coach who moves to England to coach a Premier League team hit the Apple TV+ airwaves. Three years later, “Ted Lasso” has become one of the most popular shows on TV right now, warming the hearts of fans and critics each week. The Jason Sudeikis lead comedy has won two consecutive “Best Comedy Series” Emmys, with Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham all picking up a trophy or two for acting. The only thing that could stop Lasso’s dominance is Lasso himself; Sudeikis and the writers, including Brett Goldstein, have said since the beginning the show will only go for three seasons. Even though the teaser trailer had no mention of this upcoming season being the final one, here are five things I’d like to see to wrap up my favorite series of the last five years. 


1. Keep Nate in West Ham.

There’s no character that made me feel more betrayed in 2021 than Nate Shelley. Seeing that “Believe” sign all torn up ruined me in ways I can’t describe. I know that Ted, who’s much kinder than I am, might welcome Nate back with open arms if Nate apologizes, but I don’t want to see that. I’d much rather see Ted develop this season into someone who can hold his own and be assertive when it counts. I’d love for a repeat of that season one scene where he tells off Jamie in the locker room. I so badly need to see Ted tell off Nate for stabbing him in the back and weaponizing his own struggles against him. 


2. Ted’s Mental Health Journey.

Ted’s journey with his panic attacks and anxiety have really helped challenge the stigma about men’s mental health on TV. Seeing Ted slowly open up about his struggles in the past and how it affects him now hits home for many viewers. It’s so refreshing to see a male character challenge himself to be more open with his mental health and to see the support he receives from everyone in Richmond. While one’s journey with mental health never really ends, I am rooting for Ted to find some sort of relief from his anxiety. In addition, keeping the conversation around men’s mental health to remain at the forefront of the series. 


3. Room for a Spin-Off.

I am going to have such a hard time parting with this series, so I need some type of open-ended character to come back with their own spin-off show. I’d love to see various characters’ journeys throughout the world of professional soccer or just some sort of sequel show with everyone coming back a few years down the line. I don’t care what it is, it could be Roy coaching Phoebe’s primary school soccer team and I’d tune in every week. 


4. Dani Rojas and Sam Obisanya Continue to Shine.

They’re two of Richmond’s best players on the pitch, and two of the best characters on the screen. The season two premiere which primarily centered around Dani and Sam’s storyline with Rebecca kept me very entertained and seeing their successes on the field were some of the highlights of season two. I really want to see these two continue to get their flowers and keep seeing the games during the episodes. 


5. Richmond Wins it All.

Seriously. What better end to the series than this? Ted proving everyone wrong? Match-ups with top-tier English clubs just like in the first season? Sure, it’s absolutely not realistic in the real world for a team to come back from relegation and beat teams who have been winning the whole damn thing for years, but on the other hand, it’s TV. The cast and crew of Lasso have been doing such an incredible job over the years of making audiences everywhere believe in this team that it won’t be a difficult job getting everyone on board with Richmond taking it all.


Believe me, my heart will absolutely be broken when the credits of the final episode start to roll if this really is the end. But massive props to Sudeikis and company for ending an incredible show on their own terms with no early cancellations or stretching it out too far. While I wish this show would last forever, if it sticks the landing, I will be happy. I will miss my favorite fake premier league team (that I thought was real for a few episodes there in season one) more than Rebecca misses Ted’s biscuits.