If You’ve Watched…


Elizabeth Ippolito

If you are tired of watching the same comfort show over and over, you’ve come to the right place. Many of us fall victim to rewatching things we like rather than trying something new and I’m here to give the best recommendations for your favorite shows!

“Peaky Blinders” is a Netflix original series that takes place in 1919 after the great war. Soldiers returned to fight, yet again, for survival amidst economic turmoil. The gang peaky blinders are run by war hero Thomas Shelby who has bigger ambitions than being a gang leader. If you like “Peaky Blinders” then you should watch “The Sopranos”. “The Sopranos” follows New Jersey mafia head Tony Soprano and his struggles with anxiety. “The Sopranos” is also a great watch if you like great cinematography, being one of the first shows to create almost movie-like episodes. Both shows surround the mafia but are centered around their wildly different cultures. “Peaky Blinders” came out in 2013 and is still making episodes today, while “The Sopranos” ran from 1999- 2007.

“Black Mirror” is a Netflix original series created to question the future and limits of society tthat ran from 2011-2019. The show is untraditional in the sense that it does not have a recurring cast. Each episode tells a different full story within its one-hour episodes. The series is a psychological thriller that takes the world by storm every season release. If you are a fan of “Black Mirror” you should check out the limited series “Sharp Objects” which came out in 2018 on HBO Max. The show follows journalist Camille Preaker, as she returns to her hometown of Wind Gap to cover the story of the disappearance of a young girl in the town. Through its storytelling, editing, and phenomenal special effects and cinematography “Sharp Objects” messes with the heads of its viewers. Though it can be slow at times it definitely keeps readers on their toes. “Sharp Objects” is a psychological complex thriller, with every rewatch bringing up new details that change how you perceive the story and each character.

“Gossip Girl” was a smash hit from 2007-2012 and once it was picked up by the streaming services after its airing, the show was unstoppable. The show follows a group of students attending a prep school in the Upper East Side who are caught in scandals getting leaked by the anonymous “Gossip Girl”. If you like “Gossip Girl” you will love “The Summer I Turned Pretty” released in 2022. The show follows newly 16-year-old Belly who is caught in a love triangle between two brothers and very close friends. The show portrays backstabbing and drama in every episode. Besides the plot, both shows present a high-class lifestyle. While “Gossip Girl” presents the lifestyle of old New York money, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” shows new Boston money. This means that the production design of both shows is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, as well as great humor weaved into the drama.

“Never Have I Ever” is a Netflix original sitcom created in 2020 by Mindy Kaling that follows Devi, a quirky high schooler desperate for her happily ever after storybook romance. After finding herself in numerous love triangles, Devi fails to decide who she truly wants to be with. If you liked “Never Have I Ever”, “The Sex Lives of College Girls” is a must-watch. This is another fantastic show created by the very talented Mindy Kaling. “The Sex Lives of College Girls” created in 2021 is a hilarious homage to college life, following four suitemates attending Essex College. From financial struggles to boyfriend drama, “The Sex Lives of College Girls” should definitely be on the radar for comedy fans. 

If you are like me and tend to stick to what I know, this series will be an opportunity to expand your viewership and watch things you may not have expected to like! Stay tuned for new recommendations coming soon!