Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announce breakup

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Gabby Brailovskiy, Hollywood Beat Reporter

The once upon a time fairytale couple, has officially decided to go their separate ways. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez released a joint statement on April 15th, explaining to fans that their two-year engagement was called off, however the two will continue to try and stay close friends.

This news came as less of a shock to fans, as rumors began to spread in March that Rodriguez had allegedly been unfaithful to Lopez with Southern Charm star Madison Lecroy. Lecroy has come out saying she and Rodriguez had facetimed and DM’d in the past, but were never romantic with one another. When those rumors were first released, Lopez and Rodriguez initially told the world that they were working through things and that all other reports on the matter were false. A month later a new statement had been released announcing the couple’s split. The two wrote, “We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for each other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support.” 

Rodriguez and Lopez’s history dates back all the way to 1999, when Lopez first signed a photo of herself for the baseball star. They had seen each other on and off throughout the years, from baseball games to Hollywood events, however they did not begin dating until 2017. Rodriguez first announced how the pair fell back into contact on The Ellen Show, stating they were at the right place at the right time and ended up getting dinner to catch up, resulting in years of dating. Throughout the years, the two had gone through a ton with one another, from buying a home together to joint business ventures. In March of 2019, Rodriguez took to Instagram to share photos of his and Lopez’s engagement. He captioned it writing, “She said yes!” 

As 2020 rolled around and took the world storm, it also changed a lot of plans for the couple. The pair initially planned on getting married in Miami, however as Covid-19 quickly spread, they made the difficult decision of postponing. These plans continued to be postponed throughout the year, as things seemed to not be getting any better. Unfortunately, when 2021 came into play, so did the announcement of their separation.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about this couple’s breakup, as well how their kids and families can and will be affected from it. We are wishing both Arod and Jlo, as well as their families the absolute best in the future!