Meet the 2018 Holiday Hottie contestants


#THAT’s Holiday Hottie is set to take place on November 28. Before then, the contestants sat down with 98.1 WQAQ’s Emma Spagnuolo and Dan Bahl to talk strategy and why they deserve to win the competition.

Check out the interviews below before casting your votes for this year’s Holiday Hottie.

Jonathan Banks

His favorite romantic comedy: 50 First Dates

His strategy: “Just kind of staying in the middle of the pack… just doing enough to make sure people don’t be like, you know, ‘wow.’ ‘Cause there are gonna be people there who are there to support you know, Matt or Peter or M.J., whoever it may be, that don’t know me. So they just dislike me. They just gotta like me enough so that if their friends get eliminated and they choose to stay, they gotta vote for someone.”

Why you should vote for him: “If you just see a confused individual up on stage try not to be awkward but it comes off awkward, but just wants to get the job done, I think I’m the person to vote for.”

Josh Silverman

His favorite comedians: “I love comics in particular that I feel like, don’t need to be raunchy to be funny. Not that you can’t be raunchy… Jerry Seinfeld has gotta be at the top of the list for me. I like Gary Gulman as well. Ricky Gervais kind of talks about issues that he cares about as well. He’s able to be funny and present a different viewpoint which I like.”

His biggest competitors: “I think [Matt] McAuliffe and M.J. [Baird].”

Why you should vote for him: “I’m just trying to cheer everyone up for the holiday mood, and even if I come at you with a joke, it really is all in love and respect. There’s a reason that I take so much pride in doing student media… it’s the people in it.”

Kyle Levasseur

His strategy: “My strategy… it’s all about that million dollar mouth as I call it. You’ve gotta be able to talk to the people in a way that’s gonna convince them to vote for you. ‘Cause at the end of the day, they are just going to vote for whoever they like the most.”

What inspired his pie-eating talent: “It started with a passion for food and a lack of a talent.”

Why you should vote for him: “My pitch is kind of gonna be like Lebron James pitching for you to drink Sprite. Like, ‘I’m not gonna tell you to drink Sprite. I’m just gonna ask, ‘do you want a Sprite?’ I’m gonna ask, ‘do you want to vote for me?’ I just hope to have fun… it’s going to be a really good time.”

Matt McAuliffe

His strategy: “I will try to defeat Kyle Levasseur in every competition possible.”

His best dressed plan: “You can expect the best suit game possible. I hope to even break out like, all the stops. Black bowtie. Cole Haan shoes. Everything.”

Why you should vote for him: “You should vote for me because I’m the Swiss Army Knife when it comes to male pageants. I can dress- I wear the suit. The suit doesn’t wear me. I can make people laugh. I got green eyes that would stop people in their tracks. When it comes to male competitions… you gotta be good at all the aspects of the show.”

M.J. Baird

His prediction: “You’ll see me on stage, last one, Holiday Hottie 2018. M.J. Baird.”

His magical talent: “As a younger kid, I was always interested in magic. But I’m stepping my game up. This is like, card trick magic. I’ve gotta know what I’m doing, and it has to look real. Which it is. Maybe.”

Why you should vote for him: “You heard my story. Didn’t ask for votes. Didn’t really need to be in here. But now that I’m here, you know, you won’t go wrong voting for me.”

Peter Dewey

His outfit for the Best Dressed round: “I was gonna get a men’s romper. The one I was looking at was like, 85 bucks and that was the cheapest one I could find. I’m either gonna get one of those or I’m gonna come in with a crazy suit. I don’t want to make a fool of myself but I might as well make it interesting.”

His advantage over the other contestants: “I think out of all the contestants, I’ll be the most composed… if I really want to be serious, I’ll be serious, like you will not see me waver once. Everyone else will be like, joking, like, if I want to get down to it, I’ll be fine.”

Why you should vote for him: “I’m gonna bring something different. I promise that my talent will be different from everyone else’s. I think I’m just gonna come up there with a lot of confidence, a lot of swagger. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself, but at the same time, I’m gonna try to do it in a classy way… so I still look good.”