MrBeast’s Feastables Continues Non-Digital Creator Product Trend

MrBeast’s Feastables Continues Non-Digital Creator Product Trend

Mason Glod

MrBeast has dominated YouTube and internet culture. Like many other creators, he has set his eyes on industries beyond digital.

On January 29th, MrBeast announced the launch of his new company Feastables during a video on his YouTube channel titled “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!”. Feastables is a chocolate bar company with packaging branded to match the MrBeast brand. The bars have three different flavors: original, quinoa crunch, and almond chocolate. The products can be bought on their website or in Walmart.

The brand is based on creating high-quality snacks with high-quality ingredients. According to the Feastables website, the company is “on a mission to change the way you snack… we created delicious snacks with ingredients you can trust.” The safer ingredients are a vital part of Feastables’ brand, with the website reading, “Boomer chocolate ingredient lists are low key trash, so MrBeast decided to make his own, without the junk.” These ingredients include sugar cane, cocoa bean, cocoa butter, and sunflower lecithin. 

In proper MrBeast fashion, the bars launched with a huge competition/sweepstakes. Each bar comes with a unique code, which can be redeemed on the Feastables website. The company is giving away over $1 million in prizes, including cars, boats, gaming computers, and other prizes. Additionally, ten bars include a “golden ticket,” letting the ticket holder travel to MrBeast’s headquarters and be in a video (the idea is to mirror Willy Wonka).

The launch of Feastables follows a new trend of internet creators releasing products seemingly unrelated to their content. For example, just last month, Logan Paul and KSI launched an energy drink company called Prime Hydration. The five-flavor energy drink line is already hugely successful, with the drink available in prominent realtors like Walmart and The Vitamin Shop and all products currently sold out on the Prime Hydration website.

One of the influencer pioneers of non-digital merchandise is Emma Chamberlain. In 2019, Chamberlain launched her coffee brand Chamberlain Coffee. Marketed as a luxurious, healthy, sustainable, delivery-only coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee has been a hugely successful company with over 70 products.

While their businesses are not directly related to their social media endeavors, each of these creators used elements of their brand to promote and build their companies. MrBeast incorporated a sweepstakes/competition similar to one in his videos to promote Feastables. The branding of Feastables (from the website to packaging) is extremely in-line with his YouTube channel. Feastables, while composed of regular chocolate, is still uniquely a MrBeast chocolate bar. Logan Paul and KSI used their previous rivalry to create hype around Prime Hydration. In all promotion and marketing for the company, Paul and KSI have shifted their rivalry from each other to a Prime Hydration rival: Gatorade. Launching a coffee company was actually a perfect idea for Emma Chamberlain; her content always included her discussing coffee, and the Chamberlain Coffee branding matches Chamberlain’s relaxed, down-to-earth vibe.

These new businesses also show that creators recognize their power to influence a considerable market. These creators know that the large following they have earned will likely buy a product if their name is attached. Additionally, these creators can promote their products on their social channels, which receive massive amounts of views and engagements. For instance, all three launch videos created for these businesses have huge amounts of views. These built-in audiences creators have created a huge advantage for these companies.

Creator economy experts Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry spoke on this on their podcast, saying, “They have this element of digital distribution that none of these other companies really have but would probably love to have … they have the ability to drive traffic, and that matters.”

MrBeast’s Feastables will likely succeed similar to these other creator ventures. We will probably see other creators try to dominate other consumer industries in the future.